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A sustainable infrastructure is key to long term success. Being thoughtful by asking questions to find out how your company can best structure in-house teams and studios made for the people working in them is what leads to a stability. We set up that meets value-driven goals that increase productivity - without sacrificing the mental health of your workers. Together, we identify gaps, talk to teams, develop processes and comms. We co-create on best practices, and build a code of ethics to help you be efficient AND manage your
business for good.


Christine provides sustainability business research, unraveling its complexities and forging solutions through inquiry and analysis that help you develop strategy with confidence that is in alignment with doing business for people and planet. Christine uses her curiosity to collaborate on driving transformative actions towards systems change and a regenerative future. Join in shaping a better world today by asking questions and finding answers to help you strategize initiatives and processes relevant for
a better tomorrow.


Ready to lead impactful change? As an LLC led by a Creative with a Master of Science in Sustainability & Social Impact, Christine is uniquely positioned to shape planning for tomorrow that takes into account the whole system. To be a business for good, fact-based nonpartisan research is the name of the game. Shifting your systems for global sustainability, disclosure, and regulations will not only prepare you for the future but also add value to your company. Our journey together begins with a comprehensive audit of your current setup, followed by goal-setting and initiatives.


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