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Produce social media assets targeted at a European Millennial audience - while sticking to the Adidas brand guidelines.




London, England


Social Media Content for Adidas - EU


Art Director: Christine Taylor

The Brief

Gary Aspden, brand and marketing consultant for Adidas, asked us to create either:​

  • Film duration: 14 seconds maximum

  • A set of 6 - 8 images showing iconic and strong aesthetics linked to the Adidas brand and lifestyle.

  • You will have to use the Adidas Originals shoe model 'Samba'

  • You are required to show your unique take on the Adidas aesthetic

  • Show your inspiration and research as well as the final images and film

  • You are completely free to use as many, or as few, models as you want

  • To be used for social media marketing in France, Germany and the UK



• European Millennials’ expectations are higher than ever

• Millennials in France, Germany and the UK are abandoning Facebook for mobile-first social platforms

• Snapchat’s UK user base will reach 14.0 million in 2017, that's one-third of all smartphone users

• Instagram will be at 16.7 million users+ this year (2018)

• Snapshat and Instagram are fun, visual and much more intimate than the more established broadcast-style networks like Facebook and Twitter—attributes that appeal to smartphone-savvy Millennials



Keep a lean team, thus replicating a more honest and realistic tone in visuals. Make the music drive the story, and the film represent the mood of youth with a purpose. Shoot with natural light, and streetwear paired to tell a visual brand story of lo-fi cool, and maintain a, 'could be anywhere look, on anyone vibe'.

Watch Now

Here's What I Did

I took an intimate approach to the visual branding and stripped production down to the necessities. 

The Culture Behind the Commerce

Individually tailored communications and rewards are a promising area for advertisers. I created a personal visual experience portraying the everyday paired with branded product in a lifestyle setting for an authentic marketing campaign that felt effortless. 

Adidas is a brand built for the customer, rather than the retailer. Using the individual story through digital channels is a successful path to longterm brand loyalty using modern marketing.

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