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Editorial collaboration about sustainable fashion. Featuring international, national & local designers shot at FINEX.


Christine Taylor Creative (personal project)


Portland, Oregon


Technique & Personality: Sustainable Fashion Editorial Pitch to KINFOLK


Creative Director: Christine Taylor


Create an exploratory visual and narrative investigation using research on the backlash against fast living, fast smart buying, and 'seasonless', 'slow fashion' commerce.


• Slow fashion is suggested to be the opposite of fast fashion; however, it has no formal definition. It is a status given to retailers who produce long-lasting clothing, that are not designing collections in response to quick-changing fashion trends.

• The slow fashion retailer is focused on quality materials, classic design, and multi-seasonal use. They want you to collect and build your wardrobe to last your lifetime rather than buy apparel made with low-quality materials, that sit unused in your closet on their way to the landfill.

•15-29 year-olds are the fastest growing fashion consumer demographic.


• While women and men are buying twice as much clothing as in 1995, we now see that price-led marketing strategies are not what works for selling.

• We are in a new era of fashion consumers, one involving awareness regarding the consumer decision processes and human stories shown in original content.

• Demographics are not the only relevant way to identify a brand anymore. The slow fashion buyer is interested in brands that take into account their values, interests, and lifestyles. 

• Those who instill slow fashion values hope to improve their quality of life. 

Here's What I Did

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The Commerce Behind the Project

Whoever made up the phrase "it takes a village" knew what they were talking about. In fashion editorial and advertising my teams are at their largest. I would like to give a special thanks for the support of the designers who contributed to this project.


Alexa Stark, Alexander Wang, Ancliffe Collection, BOET, Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Demimonde, Hand-Eye Supply, Ilse Jacobsen, Mario’s, M.Patmos, Nancy Stella Soto, Numinous Works, Pointer Brand, Portland Garment Factory, Rag & Bone, Reformation, Rowina Sartin, Seven Sisters, Six Seven, Stand Up Comedy, Straw Studios, Sydney Brown, Tiro Tiro, Utility Canvas.

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