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Featuring tools and gear from HES, Escape Collective builds their first geodesic dome, Escapehatch, at the Sasquatch Music Festival. 


Hand-Eye Supply & CORE77


Portland, Oregon - Sasquatch Music Festival


Digital Product Catalog

'Industrious Minds Fellowship'


Art Director/Strategy: Christine Taylor

Escapehatch - Dome Build Process - Vol 1. 640 x 360
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It’s no secret that Portland is a place dedicated to design, craft, creativity, and the process of making. It was the Hand-Eye Supply mission to support Portland’s community of Makers and earn their work the attention it deserved - so we developed the Industrious Minds Fellowship, a grant to provide inventive inspiration.

• The annual fellowship was an integrated marketing project constructed to increase brand-awareness with new audiences while being active within the community. The first fellowship was awarded to a geodesic dome project which grew into a life-changing business for the 4 who made up Escape Collective.

• This youthful group of designers, engineers and artists worked collaboratively to build impressive modular habitats in as many beautiful places as they could, with the mission to educate and bring awareness to causes they believed in.


• I followed along with the collective, got into their process, gave a ton of encouragement and learned all about building domes! It was an honest and playful way to share the Hand-Eye Supply values without hitting people over the head with marketing campaigns.


The Creative Class values honesty and prefers to participate in experiences. They also seek to connect with brands that share their values. When experiential concepts are partnered with digital marketing, a brand can offer a customer the chance to feel the brand values through positive interactions and can have a long-lasting impact on how a customer feels about the brand.


In the making of the IMF marketing project I focused on 3 of the senses: 

• Sight - beautiful visuals via film, animation, and photography

• Sound - pop band Radiation City's music in the film/live music with Pegasus Dream at the project launch

• Touch - everything was interactive and hands-on at the project launch, including a dome


• Increase brand awareness to new audiences

• Design an online, animated product catalog

• Build in-store merchandise displays

• Hold a community event to interact with the product, the dome and the Makers

• Sell out of all the featured product

Winners Got

  • $1000 in Hand-Eye Supply gear to use toward the completion of their project.

  • Documentation of the process and final product for promotion across all of our media platforms. You do your work, and we make it visible to the world through CORE77, our websiteblog, PR, and social media platforms.

  • One month of FREE TIME Membership access at Portland's premier Maker space ADX for 4 members of your team to help your project come to life.

The IMF project was written about by Portland Monthly's 'Trophy Case', Stay Wild Magazine, and Core77.


Here's Some of What I Did