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Imagine, strategize, and build a branded pop-up experience that manifests the Hand-Eye Supply vision and values.


Urban Outfitters


Los Angeles, CA


Hand-Eye Supply’s Pop-up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity



Creative Strategy: Christine Taylor


• Conceptualize and build a month-long, educational happening, pop-up shop at Urban Outfitter's Los Angeles location called Space 15 Twenty.

• Space 15 Twenty is a unique retail setting which collaborates with creative brands and includes a performance space, pop-up, gallery, courtyard, book shop and restaurant.

• In addition to the fully stocked retail shop, Hand-Eye Supply engaged the Los Angeles public and Maker communities with special programming that included workshops, demos, a film series, and other fun happenings from a group of contributors.

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1. The community of the Maker Movement is known for priding themselves on being an open source — experimenting and sharing their results amongst friends and associates and not keeping their knowledge locked up within themselves. 

2. Makers are more interested in learning and experimenting rather than a perfect outcome.

3. A focus on trusting the process rather than the outcome is essential to the Maker mentality. 

4. Community is essential to the Maker Movement’s success. It's a way to meet “the others,” learn, teach and share knowledge while gaining a sense of belonging and ownership of their often crowd-powered projects.

Research on Bohemian Arts Education in America

Taliesen by Frank Lloyd Wright, WI (1911-1959)

Cooper Union, NYC (1859-present)

High Desert Test Sites, Palm Desert (2014-present) 

Yaddo, NY (1900-present)

Black Mountain College, NC (1933-1957) 

Art Farm, NE (1993-present)

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, NE(1981-present)

New Harmony (1825-1829, IN)

Oberlin Colony (1833-1843, OH)

Brook Farm (1841-1847, MA)

North American Phalanx (1841-1856, NJ)

Hopedale Community (1842-1868, MA)

Fruitlands (1843-1844, MA)

Sodus Bay Phalanx (1844-1846, NY)

Wisconsin Phalanx (1844-1850, WI)

Research Fround On the Characteristics of Utopias
• Information, independent thought, and freedom are promoted.
• A figurehead or concept brings the citizens of the society together.
• Citizens are truly free to think independently.
• Citizens have no fear of the outside world.
• Citizens live in a harmonious state.
• The natural world is embraced and revered.
• Citizens embrace social and moral ideals.
• Individuality and innovation are welcomed.
• The society evolves with change to make a perfect utopian world.
• Money is abolished. Citizens only do work that they enjoy.
• Society is controlled by citizenry.
• Technology is embraced to enhance the human living experience.
• Humans live harmoniously with nature
• All ideas of God are welcomed.
• People to have a good work ethic

Here's What I Did

The Culture Behind the Commerce

It's less about age, and more about lifestyle thus a traditional approach towards marketing does not completely apply to this demographic. Since 2009 Maker Culture has coalesced into a formal movement, taking strands from music movements, traditional DIY cultures, artisans, hacking and open source computing and peer-to-peer education. Makers have woven these into a cohesive, identifiable whole. Following are the key points that every project must uphold in order for it to be a success.

• Inclusivity, never exclusivity

• Wabi sabi, over perfection

• Love for the process, not only the results

• Build community, rather than self-centered aloofness

• Make it matter, functional over non-functional design

Hand-Eye Supply Pop-Up Institute for Craft & Ingenuity
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