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Be Authentic

I wonder if (in part thanks to the politics) this past year you have been exploring options for how to live a more authentic life? I certainly have. It's a constant question.

• How to keep work/life balance.

• How to show up for my family and my friends?

• How to not let my ego get sucked into seeking more, and more approval?

• How do I maintain my life commitment to living mindfully while also satisfying my ambitions?

• How do I bring calm into the chaos of being a creative professional while giving back?

With that in mind I would like to invite you to follow a personal project I've been working on called, 'Finding Zen' - named after a poem by the great NW poet Theodore Roethke.

I work in the commercial world, and I am indeed a serious force when it comes to producing, art directing and making visuals and branded content for marketing - but the world I am sharing in this post is for those of you who are on the creative quest for a more authentic life. This feed is also for me - to help me absorb a life that's deeper.

Being outside, being off the grid - not shopping - but cooking and living in the wild that is not about conquering nature, nor about big adventures. It's about being one with it.

The images in this post are from it. I hope you join me @limeralness

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