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Cool ass Tweetable quotes from the 3% Mini-con Portland Conference!

These are top quote from my review of Portland's recent 3% Conference originally done for AIGA Portland. They are listed in order of how the quotes came up throughout the day. Why do I do this? Cause we're colleagues, and you deserve something special.

* "Women control 80% of consumer spending." - 3%

* "71% of women don't believe ads are speaking to them." - 3%

* "Diversity + creativity = profitability." - 3%

* "We are more powerful when diverse." - Dan Wieden

* There is no downside to increasing the number of women in creative director positions." - Kat Gordon

* "Diversity is the best thing to happen to creativity." - Kat Gordon

* "#1 issue facing agencies is diversifying talent." - Kat Gordon

* "Women have a better chance of being an underwater welder than being a female director." - Sarah Shapiro

* "Never explain, never apologize, never insult yourself." - Sara Shapiro

* "Don't be reckless, but do be relentless." - Ann Sachs

* "Nobody wants to hang out with bitter people." - Amy Sachs

* "You don't do it alone." - Intisar Abioto

* "Keep asking, 'How do we speak to women?." - Julie Igarashi

* "Go a little rogue and don't ask for permission." - Julie Igarashi

* "Find a mentor." - Patricia Choi

* "Support women. Support each other." - Mira Kaddoura

* "If things aren't working for you, be the boss." - Mira Kaddoura

* "Let go of the fantasy of baking bread." - Chelsea Vadiver

* "What each person knows, completes a composed tune." - DeAngelo Raines

* "Everybody deserves a chance to be exactly who they are without judgment." - Charity Stratos

* "Tell the unfunny joke again! It didn't work in San Diego, so try the next city." - Tig Notaro

* "You don't want a safe space." - Tig Notaro

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