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Bye to Summer

You can see this animated gif project in it's entirety here otherwise read on for a sneak peek of a creative side project.

Photographer | JD White

Styling | Willyum Beck

Creative Producer | Christine Taylor

Bright colors are so big not only for summer but for fall and winter! We decided to recruit color master photographer JD White to have some fun pairing statement shoes by designer Barbara Seipp with kaleidoscopic apparel designs styled by Willyum Beck to see out the summer sun and welcome in the grey days ahead.

If there has ever been a time in fashion since the early 1990′s to show your experimental side, it’s 2017/18.

On top of that there hasn’t been so much glitter since the days of disco. Its a very fun time for clothing nerds to get the green light on making style choices that give insight into your confidence and imagination. Funky femininity is again flowering all over fashion, apparel and sportswear, for both women and menswear. In fact taking their cue from sportswear, designers all over the U.S. are breaking free of the past years of conservative ideals around style and fabrics.

Enjoy expression through apparel it while it lasts!

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