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MAY 11, Mad Sons Pub, 6 to 7:30pm, FREE.

I'm doing an evening meet up in NE Portland that is for professional level female photographers & filmmakers to help teach you how to present your bids and work together to get hired on corporate creative projects.

Its free. Its transparent, and its about supporting - not competing.

• WHY would you do this? Cause you want to make 50K+ off of a project you enjoy working on right? I'm going to share it like is, based on what I have actually seen and done, open and honest, including my own gazillion mistakes along the way - that I understand after-the-fact - and now want use to help you get the big jobs I ALMOST got - but didn't. Now that I'm on the hiring side of things, I want to help others understand better too! I will make no money off this.

• I'm going to be candid and open with you about things I see, and have done, that may be holding you back too. Its not only about being a woman, but through viewing bids from women and men, I learned first hand that even pro women do not have a complete understanding of HOW and WHAT a producer and creative director need to see in order to trust they can hire you on a BIG job.

• I will explain the state of creative departments, what they are facing, what they expect to see, and what they expect from you in behavior, and why - so you don't overbid nor underbid and develop your work relationships along the way.

• Agencies, and retail creative departments in branding WANT to hire you! They want to diversify their creative, and they want to work with both male and female creatives! That's awesome!

• At this meeting, and the others to come, you will meet creatives with great skills like you (or better), and you will start to hang out, and develop your teams. You will also be encouraged to rent gear together and play with it at a future date - and we will share these costs, and just do stuff for fun.

• CD's and Producers are invited to come and join in. (I'm not sure who I'll get yet, but its an ongoing process and you can help by inviting Producers and Creative/Art Directors too). We need to hear from people at different companies to learn about their process so that we understand - you say potato, I say - etc - you get the idea.

Email me if you want to come, bring a notepad and bring business cards cause you're gonna meet some great women who are open to quality longterm alliances.

NOTE: If you show up, you are expected to make alliances for the build of creative teams to work on paid, corporate creative gigs with a high dollar return. This is not for personal projects, nor things that do not pay each other. Its for real work that puts food on the table.

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