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DWP 2018: Design ∩ Build ∩ Business ∩ You

Design Week Portland 2018: Design ∩ Build ∩ Business ∩ You

Hi everyone, I've been invited to talk about the cross over of business and creative in my work, and would like to invite YOU to join me for Design Week Portland at the impressive design fabrication agency Figure Plant.


Thu, April 19, 2018

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT



Figure Plant

8411 North Denver Avenue

Portland, OR 97217


Our most innovative moments often occur in the In-Betweens: the spaces that exist between our personal experiences, our creative disciplines, and our companies.

Join us for an evening of short presentations exploring the methods, benefits and challenges of finding your creative purpose, growing your business and pursuing innovation through collaboration.

Lucy Bellwood is the world’s first Adventure Cartoonist, turning her experiences traveling the world by foot or tall ship into inspiring and educational comics. Her newest book, 100 Demon Dialogues, is an endearing and relatable series of drawings detailing her life as an artist working to overcome imposter syndrome and anxiety.

Hannes Wingate is an internationally recognized artist, designer and survivalist, famous for his organic and gigantic nest-like sculptures. He has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine and Gray Magazine, and interviewed in The New York Times. In 2014, he installed one of his nests alongside Burnside Skatepark using site-specific, foraged materials.

Christine Taylor is a multidisciplinary maker whose job title frequently shifts from Consultant to Client, Photographer to Producer, Art Director to Designer. In addition to an impressive client list, her fashion photography has been published in Vogue Italia.

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