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Identify Your Weaknesses

For your brand to be successful, you need to identify your weaknesses and make a solid plan as to how to work them out.

As a creative, I've always had a side gig along with my FT job. That means I have worked with, researched, and interviewed hundreds of companies. Sometimes I feel like I could start my own talent recruiting agency because I have witnessed so many of the same mistakes being made in hiring over and over. It often takes someone on the outside to see what we are doing wrong, and that is why its important to have solid ways to measure your successes, but also to check in regularly to ask, "How can I, or we, do it better?". Then ask others outside of yourself, or your immediate team. People in different departments, or different areas of expertise can bring valuable points of view that may give you new leads as to how to shake things up a bit... and we love to shake things up here in creative marketing!

This is my list of the most common mistakes I repeatedly see for-profit companies making.

Identifying what isn't working for you is the start to identifying what will work for you longterm, and THAT's good business! Drop me an email at to ask me why, and how we can fix things together!

It's never too late to change.

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