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When You Get a Request from Vogue Italia

I constantly hear things like - "innovative photo talent just isn't in PDX". "Its a bro town for outdoor, sports and feel good lifestyle shooters - that don't show an art background". You know, that dude who camps and takes pics of his trip with his beautiful girlfriend kinda photo.... thats the precise kind of work that the NW is known for. Small bodies, big landscapes. Tents, hikes, trees (which I actually love too). Some people here say "women shooters just cant get hired on the big budget stuff". For the record. NW photography/video is not all heritage. There is indeed high quality creative photography coming from the NW with a heavy design and big art influence; very on trend work for larger markets throughout EU, India and bigger US cities.

I no longer shoot commercially, which means I still shoot - but I approach my photography as an art practice on the side of my dayjob(s).

What I also know is this morning when I checked my email there was a note telling me that my work had been featured on the Vogue Italia website - by the one and only great photo editor Alessia Glaviano. Alessia KNOWS photography and Vogue Italia is one of the major players showing innovative photos. They're well respected for it, and they're the real deal.

"Christine Taylor is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but resides in Portland (OR). Her interests stem from a deep curiosity in people and the world. She spends long periods researching topics while maintaining creative boards of ideas she would like to execute, and has come to identify her personal viewpoint as a bit unrefined, illustrative, high in functional style and playful. It excites her that that the landscape in fashion imagery is changing and mainstream ideas about female identity are expanding. Some of her influences include Annie Leibovitz, Nick Knight and Juergen Teller.

Mastered is an online program aimed at connecting talents with opportunity and exposure. Nick Knight, one of the world’s most innovative photographers, has led the 4 month photography course where also Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue taught. (Out of 800 professional photographers) she personally selected the most talented photographer students of the Photography Mastered for our section Photostories."

Quality talent is in also in the NW so it's safe to hire them.

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